The team

The original founders of the SalusInvest team, headed up by Kevin D'Silva, have been involved in the establishment, management and financing of 12 healthcare companies over a period of over 30 years. The journey began in:

1980: Warne Surgical Products (WSP) was acquired from Hanson Trust plc. It was a leader in the UK in urological catheters and by 1985 had become a European leader in urological disposables and anesthesia machine consumables with substantial sales in North America.

1985: WSP was sold to Teleflex Inc, a US publically listed diversified industrial group with interests in automotive and aerospace as well as an emerging interest in medical technology. WSP became the core company within the newly-formed Teleflex Medical division of Teleflex Inc. Under Kevin D'Silva's leadership Teleflex Medical grew rapidly by acquisition and new product development both in the USA and in Europe. And by the time of his departure in 1990 was already one of the global leaders in urological and anaesthesia devices. Today, Teleflex Inc is a $2 billion company focused entirely on medical technology businesses in urology, anesthesia, laparascopy instruments and devices, and vascular access devices.

1990: Larry Sargent and Kevin D'Silva together formed Kynoch Group plc, a fully listed company on the London Stock Exchange. Kynoch was used as a vehicle to build, via acquisition and product development, a leadership position within Europe in the supply of bio decontamination and chemical hazard protection equipment and devices for use in hospitals, pharmaceutical and laboratories. By 1995 when Kevin D'Silva departed to establish the Ferraris Group, Kynoch had achieved the first phase of its objective. Today, after Larry Sargent left in 1998, it continues in the same markets that were first addressed in 1990 and under its new name of Bioquell plc and it continues to be a public company on the UK stock exchange.

1995: Kevin D'Silva joined the Ferraris Group plc, a small UK fully listed public company and together with its Chairman, Ken Baker and the Group's board, began the creation of a market leading group within the global market for cardio-respiratory diagnositic equipment. From its roots as a small engineering firm in Cambridgeshire, it grew by acquisition by 2003 into a $100m p.a. cardio respiratory diagnostic group with operations in the UK, North America, Germany and China.

2003: SalusInvest founded. SalusInvest comprises a small head office team responsible for funding and finance. The business model after the initial investment involves taking board positions within portfolio companies and introducing the businesses to industry relevant senior management some of which are sourced from the Associates listed below.

SalusInvest works closely with the CEOs and Chairmen of the portfolio companies.

SalusInvest works very closely with two leading venture capital groups in the UK:

  • Octopus Investments: the Ventures Team at Octopus Investments manages the Titan Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs) on behalf of hundreds of retail investors. Through these investment vehicles, Octopus' investors are principal shareholders in Metrasens Ltd and Michelson Diagnostics Ltd.
  • Catapult Ventures: an independent group of venture funds based in the Midlands. Catapult is the principal shareholder in Crystallon Ltd.

Portfolio Company CEOs/Chairman

  • Jim McNairney: CEO, Ai2
  • Dr. Kevin Johnson: CEO, Surface Transforms
  • Jos Belgrave: CEO, Hallmarq Veterinary Imaging Ltd
  • Simon Goodyear: CEO, Metrasens
  • Jon Holmes: CEO, Michelson Diagnostics
  • Brian Howlett: Chairman, Michelson Diagnostics
  • Richard Glazer: Managing Director, Crystallon
  • Douglas Le Fort: VP Commercial Operations & Business Development, Convatec
  • David Bundred: Chairman, Surface Transforms plc and Chairman, Metrasens Ltd
  • Mike Bowes: CEO, Imorphics
  • Dr. Carl Barratt: Monica Healthcare

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