Surface Transforms supplies brakes to the Ferrari 458 Challenge


In 2013, Surface Transforms was approached by FF Corse, who prepare the majority of the UK-based Ferrari 458 Challenge cars. Their clients, who regularly push their 570BHP machines to speeds of close to 200mph, were finding the limits of the standard-fit ceramic brakes. With the standard brake discs demonstrating a short on-track life and high replacement costs, FF Corse and their clients needed a better solution and approached carbon-ceramic brake specialists Surface Transforms with a challenge - to replace the standard-fit brakes with brakes that perform better, last longer and cost less but without increasing the overall disc size.

Surface Transforms took up the challenge and developed a specific version of their carbon-ceramic brakes for the Ferrari 458 Challenge using ST's patented XD material which allows brakes to run around 100C cooler than standard ceramic brakes. This in turn provides improved brake performance and durability. This was demonstrated during a series of successful tests of the new carbon-ceramic brakes at the Silverstone F1 circuit, with FF Corse's test drivers firmly convinced of the benefits of the new brakes.

Ferrari 458 Challenge carbon-ceramic brakes are now available from FF Corse, please contact them for further information including price and availability -

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