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SalusInvest LP and SalusInvest General Partners Ltd were founded in 2003.
 The expertise and experience of the original founders was based on over twenty years of operating experience in building successful companies in three principal medical technology markets:

  • urological catheters and drainage devices
  • anaesthesia devices and consumables
  • respiratory and cardiology diagnostic devices and consumables

Since 2003, SalusInvest has invested in medical devices, patented antimicrobial and anti fungal peptides, OCT laser and MRI & CT diagnostic scanners, ferromagnetic protection devices and MRI ,CT and X- Ray image analysis improvement technologies using machine learning protocols and specialised equipment for the handling and freezing of proteins in the X ray diffraction industry.

SalusInvest does not invest in drug delivery, gene therapy, pharmaceticals, OTC medicines or vaccines. 

Current portfolio companies are based mainly in the U.K. but where the majority of sales and services supplied are exported across Europe, principally Germany, France, Italy and Holland and in the USA. 

SalusInvest has made all of its investments in private, UK start-up companies. These companies were originally loss-making and the funding of the portfolio companies in their early stages has come in the main from SalusInvest, private high net worth individuals and from venture capital companies. SalusInvest always takes a senior board position in each of its portfolio company investments.

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